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2021-01-21 11:19:29
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Centipede (Atari Flashback 1)
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2021-01-10 10:24:18
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RetroRob: Pinball Arcade: Pin*Bot (Playstation 4) 1,037,500 points on 2020-12-30 14:49:29
Pinball Arcade: Pin*Bot (Playstation 4)
Points: 1,037,500
2020-12-30 14:49:29
Legit: 100%
RetroRob: Pinball Arcade: Dr. Dude (Playstation 4) 4,678,910 points on 2020-12-30 15:13:31
Pinball Arcade: Dr. Dude (Playstation 4)
Points: 4,678,910
2020-12-30 15:13:31
Legit: 100%
RetroRob: Pinball Arcade: Central Park (Playstation 4) 3,701 points on 2020-12-31 03:17:55
Pinball Arcade: Central Park (Playstation 4)
Points: 3,701
2020-12-31 03:17:55
Legit: 100%

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Vote for me please

-- Posted by BZHGames on 2021-01-11 03:55:39   Reply
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Recently, I made a contest for Decemeber 2020 similar to the AtariAge HSC. See more at this link at First day starts at December 1st to December 31, in which day 31 of December 2020 is New Year's Eve.

-- Posted by NamcoPlayer on 2020-11-30 18:59:47   Reply
Avatar of RetroRob

Not since 2 days ago. I've been very busy. However I'm already thinking about what to play next! ;-)

-- Posted by RetroRob on 2020-08-21 07:36:09   Reply
Avatar of BabofetH

Why haven't you uploaded new scores?


-- Posted by BabofetH on 2020-08-20 20:46:49   Reply
Avatar of RetroRob

Not sure what score you meant but many thanks anyway! :-)

-- Posted by RetroRob on 2020-08-20 04:30:51   Reply
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Yes vote here. Interesting commentary going on in this thread!
-- Posted by galaxian77 on 2020-08-19 23:58:19   Reply
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want to join my league 


-- Posted by WDD on 2020-05-21 08:08:29   Reply
Avatar of WDD

i see what you mean now

-- Posted by WDD on 2020-05-19 07:21:43   Reply
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xD yeah but I'm good with my PS4

-- Posted by RetroRob on 2020-05-18 08:00:51   Reply
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Why Would You Not Want A Xbox One?


-- Posted by WDD on 2020-05-18 07:07:44   Reply
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Hi, I am looking for players to raise the level of the Highscores of Amstrad games on Are you interested ?

-- Posted by BZHGames on 2019-12-24 03:28:10   Reply
Avatar of Commodore72

Jetzt dürfte ich wieder auf dem aktuellen Stabd sein. Hast ja ne Menge gespielt. 

Bin jetzt auch wieder öfter hier bei dem schlechten Wetter.

LG Sascha

-- Posted by Commodore72 on 2019-10-06 10:35:44   Reply
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@ZilchSr: Also the Sega Genesis console with a flashcard you can play games in these categories: Sega Genesis, Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear. All can be placed in the Hardware category. Also the Game Boy Advance Console you can play: GBA, GB, GBC.
-- Posted by omargeddon on 2019-07-03 13:47:30   Reply
Avatar of ZilchSr

Excellent! Thank you for that helpful info! I'll be voting yes on all of your scores then. As always, great job!

-- Posted by ZilchSr on 2019-06-30 08:09:55   Reply
Avatar of RetroRob

Thanks for your thoughts! However S.Baz no longer adds requests to the Atari Flashback 3 category other than in exceptional circumstances. The reason being scores getting redundant in all those Atari Flashback categories. According to what I learned the Atari Flashback 1 and 2 are exceptional from the rest but from 3 to 8 (probably also the new FB 9?) it's said to be all the same type of emulation. S.Baz advised me to instead post the scores under Atari 2600 emulated. I guess the same applies to many mini consoles, such as NES, SNES mini and PS1 classic. However I'm not a big expert in the use of emulators so I'm glad that more experienced users advise me on this.

-- Posted by RetroRob on 2019-06-30 07:59:24   Reply
Avatar of ZilchSr

Hey, bro! You're killin' it lately! I really enjoy seeing Atari 2600 titles being played by more people! Just a heads up ... you have a few submissions played on a Flashback 3, bit you submitted them under "emulator". You may want to consider resubmitting all of them under the correct category. I didnt vote on your scores, but you do run the risk of having a bunch of people vote no because of this, which will drive your overall legit rating down unnecessarily. Maybe S.Baz. or another admin can expedite getting all of your games and variations added quickly (?) Anyone know how to contact an admin?

-- Posted by ZilchSr on 2019-06-30 07:21:47   Reply
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@RetroRob: Thanks for the Info. I saw that games. Looks similar many games.
-- Posted by omargeddon on 2019-03-03 05:47:05   Reply
Avatar of RetroRob

xD That's one of the low budget games distributed in Germany by a mail order company called Quelle! I think 'Strahlen der Teufelsvögel' is heavily borrowing from  Atlantis! See discussion with S.Baz below for reference to other such titles. Also check here for a comprehensive list of Quelle games:

-- Posted by RetroRob on 2019-03-03 03:06:31   Reply
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Hey dude. I have this Cart Click in Star War
-- Posted by omargeddon on 2019-03-02 21:11:34   Reply
Avatar of RetroRob

Great! ... Welcome to Highscore!  :-)

-- Posted by RetroRob on 2018-11-21 12:51:34   Reply