Topic: I apologize in the bottom of my heart REVISED

I wanna say that I'm sorry, Serious, Derek, and DuggerVideoGames, for my dishonesty towards you guys, that I used a continue and cheats to TMNT II: The Arcade Game for NES/Emulation, Gyruss for NES/Emulation, and also Aero Fighters Emulated for SNES for not uploading my gameplay video due to my REALLY highest score ever made.  I've already requested it under 10 and 30 Live Cheats and Continues Allowed and now it's there!  The 10-Live cheat and continues allowed for TMNT II: The Arcade Game is now available for NES Section and the 30-Live cheat is now available on Gyruss for NES, and my video of Aero Fighters Emulated SNES is on my YouTube account.  I'm going to continue using 'cause I need this site to use it for Pinball Parlors/Retro Video Arcades/Anime Video Arcades Vacation around USA.  Also I'm going to play FAIR and SQUARE by your guys' rules, even though I was so lucky that my user legit rating percentage isn't dropping all the way down because of my Identification.  I wanna apologize for talking down to anonymous voters like that.  We all have to freedom to vote whatever the heck we like.  We hit NO button on those who refuse to follow the rules.  We sometimes hit SKIP on those who are in the wrong game/category/console.  Also, I'm sorry in the bottom of my heart for screaming and hollering about how they voted NO on my scores like that.  I've gotten carried away and that hurt my reputation.  I was just like Jack Skelleton from The Nightmare Before Christmas who steals christmas from Santa Claus and Little Bunny Foo Foo from Wee Sing in The Big Rock Candy Mountains who keeps using The Meecy Mice's heads as congas, making the Good Fairy very dissapointed at him.  Furthermore, We should no longer say anything to anonymous users to keeps on trolling that we want them off this site!  They may are after you!  So we should all not say anything to them and wait for them to get very very VERY fed up, and then, they'll be elsewhere to troll!  Simple as that!!  Now, WHO ON HIGHSCORE.COM IS WITH ME, USERS!!??

And, Serious, if you're reading this, please grant me a second chance so I can prove my real gameplay by some of my videos.

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I accept your apology, I'd like to see a lot for more videos from you from this point onward. You've got my vote with videos as proof but I only make up 4% the vote on each entry and that's the best I can do.  Let's hope the rest of the community accepts your apology

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I'm proud of you, mi compadre!!cryingcrying  Let's gather all users to this discussion .  I really need this site to upload scores of arcade games and pinball for future vacations around USA for Retro Arcades, Barcades, and even Pinball Parlors!

Use this:

Hopefully, we can still be best friends, best webmates, and even friendly opponents of pinball machines.  Can you tell me Dugger's real name on Messager?  I'd would be greatful to add him!  Sorry for letting you down, Derek. cryingcrying  Hopefully Serious can grant me a second life and voters can be happy again by treating them with full respect and not refer to them as "NO-Voting Trolls"  We all reserve the right to vote whatever we like, no doubt about it.

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Or even the best, Pinball Museums!!

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I'm with you on Everything, man. Those trolls must've made us done all of this, but I forgive you for using continues and cheats on TMNT 2 The Arcade Game, Gyruss, and Aero Fighters.

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You always look up to me?  'Cause I don't wanna be asked to leave this site for violation of the rules, so here I am at the apology discussion wrote by me!  And I'm here to right the wrongs by videos, but first, we have to get all the voters to be happy at me again by treating voters with full respect and not scream, holler, and refer to them as "NO-Voting Trolls", they may are after you.  Just let them vote however they feel like.

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I will look up to you for the times you protected me from the trolls. We won't ask you to leave this site for violation of the rules ever AGAIN!

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As of TheTrickster and Larquey's rule:  Let's not say anything to them, or else they're after you, so it'll be better to wait for unlegit users to get very FED UP, then they'll be elsewhere to troll.  Let's see what Serious has to say!

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All I gotta do is follow the rules.  Simple as that!

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Understood! smiley

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I'm proud of you to hear that, son!

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So Derek, may I post a score with a comment: "Before voting NO, I want you guys to read this."?

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You don't need to ask me what you can do. Do whatever you want ;)

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I can give it a shot.

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If you used cheats for your Gyruss and TMNT II scores, you can make it right by replacing them.

Just submit another score (without cheats) for that game.  Even if it's a smaller score, it will replace your first one.

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But the voted are still furious at me and thinks that I'm a "troll".  I'm not a troll.

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oh, i see it's already submitted  :)

well it looks legit to me. 

that game needs a video for sure!  looks like we failed to reject that score with pictures only.

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It's all cool, Baz.

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One thing, Omar thinks that the players don't trust me anymore.  I'm pretty sure they should be able to trust me again!

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if this can conforte yourself, I'm still believing your scores are legit. Everyone have bad days

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Do you believe in and trust me, Christophe?  I have days like those too....

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yes. That's what I tried to say :)

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Thank you, Christophe!!  And I always believe in not only you, but everyone else on this site!  Execpt unknown strangers....!

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what a way to stand up. SHAME ON YOU FOR CHEATING. Apologizing does not fully redeem yourself but I must say congrats anyway for exposing what you were and no longer are. As voting goes (provided I still voted which I do not.) I would always review the evidence and base my vote upon that regardless of your reputation even if you stated your a cheater and would contenue to cheat all that makes ZERO difference. Video evidence makes ALL the difference. Words are just words but actions tell the story.

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I'm starting to do a right thing again, D.B.

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I can see that. Glad to see it. Also you are wonderful example why users need to start voting no on bad evidence.

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Thanks, man!

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Hey Derek, One point is that I've register onto to have fun, not to serve drama.  Remember, Drama is NO NO here!

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^Unfortunately, it happens.  (That reminds me, gimmie your wallet :P )

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@DarrylB: I know, dude. There were robbers voting NO and abusing my scores.
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@S.BAZ: Well, I've done it Baz!! Got them finally replaced. But it the a lot of patience.
Posted by on 2016-10-19 11:33:24