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I don't like it.

Blondesufergirl and Fashonislandgal are evidently one and the same troll.

You should have chosen your avatar pictures from a different online clothes store. And your attempt to pass off those two consecutive Ikari Warriors subs as being from two different people with two different skillsets on the game was just pure genius, Moriarty.

-- Posted by QSpaceman on 2016-04-28 04:34:29   Reply
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No sweat Dugger :)

I'm all in favour of solid evidence and being 'given a hard time!'

Tbh I don't really play much Coleco and I can see how the emulator you use gives a much clearer picture of what difficulty has been chosen. Though I also like the drama of the other uploader on the title who has a camera trained on his finger pressing the '4' on his keyboard... great stuff!

I'll probably just delete this submission and do it again with the other emulator.

-- Posted by QSpaceman on 2016-04-26 05:42:21   Reply
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Nice score!  

Thanks :) It's only the second time I've ever played on Skill 4. Jees-oh it's hard.

But please show proof that you are playing on Skill 4.  Skills 2, 3 and 4 all start with the same number of lives.  

Yeah, but in Skill 4 the enemies move noticeably faster and after you've cleared the first 4 boards the unzipper comes out at a truly ferocious rate.

An easy way to prove this would be to look at the top score video here for Skill 2. Unfortunately this score has been accepted as 100% legit with no video at all, so it's hard to know what skill level it was played on for sure, or if pauses, or slowed speeds, or save states were used.

in my emulator videos, you see the controller's graphics display on the screen selecting difficulty 4.  I see nothing of the sort in your video to suggest this is Skill 4 instead of Skill 2.

What emulator do you use? I'm using Mess at RU. If you are unable to determine what the Skill level is from watching the gameplay, I'll put up a higher score using the same emulator as you use.

-- Posted by QSpaceman on 2016-04-26 04:31:46   Reply
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Rollovers at:






and 1:42:30



-- Posted by QSpaceman on 2016-04-25 03:10:34   Reply
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Thanks S.BAZ, though I was going for 2m. :)

Re: getting lots of letters - the colour of the balloons is pure RNG, so I was lucky. But when the balloons come out isn't luck.

I'm disappointed to see a rejection on the grounds of I have an issue with the tactics used to achieve this score.

Perhaps it's just one of the house trolls. Or maybe it's just someone who doesn't have a clue how the game works.


-- Posted by QSpaceman on 2016-04-21 14:48:02   Reply
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Hi Ben, I'm not sure where the video went, it sez here: Error de subida: no se puede procesar el archivo broken heart

I'll upload it again. I have a slow internet connection so check back later.

-- Posted by QSpaceman on 2016-04-09 06:24:23   Reply
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Nice work

-- Posted by QSpaceman on 2016-03-27 16:15:31   Reply
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My previous 5.7m score was being rejected, despite providing the inp file, by people who wanted to see 'a video'.


So here is a video with an extra half million points.


One voter also rejected because they couldn't see the score in the screenshot. Clue: it's the big white number next to my initials which matches the number in the submission title.



-- Posted by QSpaceman on 2016-03-15 18:14:13   Reply
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Dank u wel Tibel :)

-- Posted by QSpaceman on 2016-03-13 16:21:24   Reply
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Now this really is ridiculous. >:(


A matter of minutes later, and ONCE AGAIN, this has 1 reject vote already, for the cowardly 'Other'.


The game is 20 minutes long. How can it be rejected in a matter of minutes? It's pathetic

-- Posted by QSpaceman on 2016-03-13 16:20:09   Reply
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Despite providing a link to the actual input file, my previous submission of 596290 was being rejected because 'a video is desired'.

(I'll resist the urge to comment on Mame submissions being voted on by folks who don't know how to play back a inp file :P )

My internet is slow and this took ages to compress and upload, but here is a video.

All the best


-- Posted by QSpaceman on 2016-03-13 16:15:27   Reply
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Ye gods, five minutes after I submit this, i have a reject for 'Other'


Nice work

-- Posted by QSpaceman on 2016-03-10 12:14:28   Reply
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Inp (0.159) available at

-- Posted by QSpaceman on 2016-03-10 12:05:27   Reply
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Inp available at:

-- Posted by QSpaceman on 2016-03-09 17:34:33   Reply
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The inp is available in the link at the top of the screenshot.

-- Posted by QSpaceman on 2016-03-09 16:49:55   Reply