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@S.BAZ: link to my profile on TG

My TG is account verified to prove my identity (name, address, phone number etc per the list shown here:

Uploaded a screen shot of my score (TG database currently being rehauled so it's kind of not that pretty to look at it, but just to prove my  name in their DB). Username not shown right next to my name, but the previous two links basically prove that's by the phone in verification process.

-- Posted by d3scride on 2014-05-13 23:45:32   Reply
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I have this score posted over at Twingalaxies (TG) as well under the same username.

-- Posted by d3scride on 2014-05-13 00:22:07   Reply
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This is my former Twingalaxies record which has since been beaten. I've got numerous other records on TG I can add, but they don't show my username on here, though I have the same username on the boards over at TG.

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