Winter Games: Free Skating (Commodore 64 Emulated)

Score: 60
World Ranking: 1
Scored By: Marco1019 (MS)
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Winter Games: Free Skating 60 points
Winter Games: Free Skating 60 points
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This video was recorded on January 12, 2021 using Ecamm Live. I muted the microphone. Settings reset at :07. Free Skating event selected at 1:11. The record-tying run is the 2nd run which begins at 4:12 with the judges’ scores and total of 6.0 appearing at 6:40.

-- Posted by Marco1019 on 2021-01-12 21:59:50   Reply
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Awesome stuff!


-- Posted by nads on 2021-01-13 04:56:27   Reply
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Yes vote!

Please could you vote on my scores needing votes, thanks.

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