S.T.U.N. Runner (Atari Lynx)

Score: 100,250
World Ranking: 1
Scored By: jgkspsx (JGK)
92% Legit
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S.T.U.N. Runner 100,250 points
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I did this for the AtariAge high score challenge. I didn't think to put my username in it. I will probably try again before the month is out.

-- Posted by jgkspsx on 2022-04-10 08:02:45   Reply
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How can there not be a score here yet?? This is one of the best games the Lynx has to offer, and one of the most impressive home ports of all time!

-- Posted by jgkspsx on 2022-04-10 08:08:22   Reply
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I don't think we have many Lynx users on here.

-- Posted by DarrylB on 2022-04-10 08:38:45   Reply
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This is one of only 2 Lynx games that I've gotten but still no Lynx sadly.  Once I made a deal with a guy in Portland for a boxed Lynx and 14 boxed games for $150 back in I think 2015.  We set the time and place but when I got up there he had sold it to someone else and he said "first come first serve"  -- ???

Luckily I had some other deals lined up or else I had wasted my trip.

-- Posted by S.BAZ on 2022-04-26 21:17:46   Reply