Fantasy Zone (Sega Master System)

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Fantasy Zone 66,700 points
Fantasy Zone 66,700 points
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Played on my Master system evolution, a model available till these days here in Brazil, where I believe, Master system had the longest period on the Market. Below is a link as an example where we can buy this model nowadays.
-- Posted by Verde22 on 2022-07-17 18:46:26   Reply
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Yes Here!

-- Posted by EpicDragon on 2022-07-17 19:17:57   Reply
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-- Posted by LuigiRuffolo on 2022-07-18 07:43:19   Reply
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@LuigiRuffolo: Thanks!
-- Posted by Verde22 on 2022-07-18 08:01:22   Reply
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Yes on all
-- Posted by ransom on 2022-07-19 05:38:54   Reply
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@ransom: Many thanks!
-- Posted by Verde22 on 2022-07-19 05:45:58   Reply
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Nice! voting YES!


There was a Fantasy Zone that was in labirinths... loved that one, anyone remember?




-- Posted by shogal on 2022-07-19 18:22:31   Reply
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@shogal: Many thanks! That one is Fantasy Zone the maze. GREAT GAME indeed!
-- Posted by Verde22 on 2022-07-19 18:35:23   Reply