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Game and Watch: Donkey Kong [Game A] 219 points
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Good game starts at 6:19.

-- Posted by jgkspsx on 2022-08-23 21:22:34   Reply
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@jgkspsx: Man, this devices you post here are with you for decades, or most are recently acquisitions , or old ones that you fixed somehow?
-- Posted by EpicDragon on 2022-08-23 22:42:59   Reply
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Good evidence and nice device. Voting yes.

-- Posted by LuigiRuffolo on 2022-08-24 02:22:15   Reply
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Great! Yes here!
-- Posted by Verde22 on 2022-08-24 03:31:02   Reply
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It's a mix! This one I picked up in a video game store on vacation a few days ago. I've never had an authentic Game & Watch before. 


-- Posted by jgkspsx on 2022-08-25 07:54:20   Reply
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Well, a vintage one. I have the remanufactured Club Nintendo Ball from 2010 or so.


-- Posted by jgkspsx on 2022-08-25 07:55:02   Reply