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Scored By: jgkspsx (JGK)
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Flipper Pinball/Spinball 89,205 points
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Nice, is it a new acquisition? Someday, I hope to find a functional one to finally play it and see the 3D effects.
-- Posted by EpicDragon on 2022-08-30 09:33:04   Reply
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Nope, just something I've been in the mood to play lately. Thanks to multicarts and reproduction overlays it's never been cheaper or easier to play the whole catalog as it was meant to be! At least not in recent years :) 

-- Posted by jgkspsx on 2022-08-30 12:21:23   Reply
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They say that this console was made to last more than its owners... Not bad for a 40 years old hardware!

-- Posted by EpicDragon on 2022-08-30 13:40:43   Reply