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Due to me and Serious having different computer setups (obviously), mine displays differently than he does: in the Windowed version of mine, you can only see the bottom part of the window, not the top like Serious does in his evidence.  You can see the toolbar at the bottom of my shot (the top part doesn't display).

-- Posted by DarrylB on 2014-07-30 22:54:56   Reply
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"...mine displays differently than HIS does", I should've said.  Duh.

-- Posted by DarrylB on 2014-07-30 22:55:38   Reply
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-- Posted by Serious on 2014-07-31 09:06:27   Reply
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Thanks :)

Also, right click and View image to get a clearer view of the score, I forgot to mention.

-- Posted by DarrylB on 2014-07-31 09:13:11   Reply