Space Fever [Color] [highsplt] Game C (Arcade Emulated / M.A.M.E.)

Score: 5,520
World Ranking: 2
Scored By: DarrylB (DKB)
96% Legit
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Space Fever [Color] [highsplt] Game C 5,520 points
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For anyone stating they want a video of this evidence, go here for reference and read the bottom two paragraphs:

For anyone that thinks there's a discrepancy with my score on that game being about twice as high on this one, game B is a lot easier.

A few things about the Space Fever games:

The original was just called Space Fever and was in black and white.  However, I’ve seen ROM images where it was supposedly in color.  I don’t know if those were added to the pictures for effect or if that was changed on the ROM, but there’s a few ways to tell which ROM you have (and for which game for you to place scores under): one, the original black and white S. Fever has aliens (the bottom two rows) that look like they’re doing jumping jacks when they move.  Game A is nearly impossible to clear, due to the invaders moving in two separate formations.  In game B, there’s only one row of vertical invaders at the start of a new game, but after a certain amount of time more will appear, and I think on game C it’s just regular Space Invaders.

Then there’s Space Fever (Color), or known as Space Fever High Splitter on here (that’s the name of the ROM for it; in the arcades it was just known as Space Fever).  On game A, the invaders will sometimes drop down two or three rows at a time, then go back UP two or three rows at a time.  On game B, once the lone vertical column of invaders reaches a screen edge, then they’ll multiply (unlike with the original black and white version of the game where the multiplication is time-based), then game C is regular Space Invaders.  The middle two rows of invaders also look like giant crabs.

My top score is at the bottom right of the screen in the last column; I included where it says “high splitter” at the top of the window to show I have the right ROM for the game.  (You might have to right click and then View photo for a better view.)



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