Bandai LSI: Zackman (Dedicated Handheld)

Score: 14,350
World Ranking: 1
Scored By: woolfman (WOL)
92% Legit
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Bandai LSI: Zackman 14,350 points
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Sorry, I had repost this score - I posted it originally in the wrong section.

For verification here is a forum link, where I already posted this score in the past, under my nickname:

-- Posted by woolfman on 2014-10-05 11:38:04   Reply
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does anything in this pic show it is over 10k & not just 4350?

-- Posted by S.BAZ on 2014-10-11 12:30:16   Reply
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You can read how the scoring system works in the manual on It is explained there. It wasnt unusual for handhelds and tabletops to sometimes utilize graphics instead of numbers, mainly to save the scarce space on the then expensive screens.

-- Posted by woolfman on 2014-10-13 10:08:39   Reply
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He's 100% right. I owned this as a kid, and you do indeed get that trophy once you hit 10,000 to save space. 

I so wish I still owned one of these, played the heck out of the one I had. 

-- Posted by sav2880 on 2014-10-13 15:13:35   Reply