Dr. Mario (NES/Famicom Emulated)

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Dr. Mario 182,400 points
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Played on a Retron 5. 

-- Posted by kri5bell on 2014-10-25 22:05:09   Reply
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Been helping David with the 24 hour gaming marathon and figured I would try out his retron. Dr Mario looks so pretty all enhanced. 

-- Posted by kri5bell on 2014-10-26 00:05:42   Reply
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Yeah it looked better than I have ever seen it! Sadly I tried my hardest to stay awake and play but I was doing things around our house, cleaning, feeding the true Gamer, and playing games. I might of used less energy had I stuck to just gaming. I think I made it 21 hours but kept checking on David. Over all I probably games maybe 10 hours. Got a high score, beat a boss on one of my games and got pretty darn far on another game I started. It's so fun but I don't know how David gamed 24 hours straight. Have you ever tried it? 



-- Posted by kri5bell on 2014-10-26 09:25:39   Reply