Time Bandit (Amiga Emulated)

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Time Bandit 43,920 points
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There are two videos above. The second one picks up exactly where the first one stopped. I set the L key to start and stop video recording, then stupidly tried to type "talk", stopping my recording instantly.

Quite a fun game for when it was made. Still haven't managed to get any artifacts or weapon upgrades (if indeed there are any).

-- Posted by TheTrickster on 2015-08-13 16:21:19   Reply
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What control method are you using when emulating the amiga?
-- Posted by ransom on 2015-08-13 18:28:02   Reply
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Just the keyboard. Arrow keys and CTRL for fire.

I use a Competition Pro for certain games that really need a joystick, such as IK+.

-- Posted by TheTrickster on 2015-08-13 18:59:55   Reply
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I'm finding using a xbox 360 controller with winuae is no where near as good as a 4way amiga joystick is. I need to find a decent digital arcade stick for pc I think.
-- Posted by ransom on 2015-08-13 19:28:33   Reply
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looks like a fun game!

-- Posted by S.BAZ on 2015-08-16 21:02:10   Reply