Menace [Rookie] (Amiga Emulated)

Score: 161,940
World Ranking: 1
Scored By: TheTrickster (TRK)
96% Legit
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Menace [Rookie] 161,940 points
Menace [Rookie] 161,940 points
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I'm one of those members that is always going on about how a video is needed for emulated game records. Well I just played Menace about 8 times straight, and the only time it didn't record properly was the one time I beat Mantalow's score! angry

If people feel I should provide a video, I'll accept that and try to beat it again.

-- Posted by TheTrickster on 2015-10-20 03:42:32   Reply
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Voting yes because I trust you and because it is possible to score much better on this game (Rookie is very easy, if only I could find an adf plyable with joystick, my score was done with mouse)

-- Posted by Mantalow on 2015-10-20 07:24:38   Reply
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Thanks! laugh

The version I'm playing is titled "Menace (1988)(Psyclapse)[cr Melnok][t +1 Melnok]"

If you can find that one, I have no issues using either keyboard or my X-Box controller.

-- Posted by TheTrickster on 2015-10-20 07:42:23   Reply
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I'll try to find this one

Mine is "Menace (1988)(Psyclapse)[cr Ackerlight][t +3 Ackerlight]"

-- Posted by Mantalow on 2015-10-20 09:43:59   Reply
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Voting YES! :)

-- Posted by Mark on 2015-10-20 10:34:48   Reply
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Voting YES.
-- Posted by ransom on 2015-10-20 17:33:14   Reply
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Thanks guys. I appreciate the trust. smiley

-- Posted by TheTrickster on 2015-10-20 17:59:08   Reply