Score: 6,350
World Ranking: 1
Scored By: DarrylB (DKB)
96% Legit
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RRMA: Scramble 6,350 points
RRMA: Scramble 6,350 points
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I know the second pic’s hard to see, as they automatically come out that size when you do a screengrab of them (luckily for some reason High Score blew up the first one).  Right click and view pic for a better view; Scramble’s the fourth game from the left.  You have to quickly do a screenshot or else your score will disappear, as there’s no high score screen/save.
RRMA is an arcade simulation where all machines display graphics that are 32 x 32 pixels across :) You can read about it here and there’s a link to download the game at the bottom of the article:

Also, I'd like to see one of the hotshots on here take a crack on this, as the first two sectors are pretty long.  I got a bit far on the second area but don't know if the meteor shower actually does show up next.  Anyone want to find out?


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