Score: 5,540,654,850
World Ranking: Removed
Scored By: maxgreat (MaX)
84% Legit
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Pinball Arcade: No Fear: Dangerous Sports
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I would like to see the online leaderboard on this score

Skipping for now

-- Posted by Mantalow on 2016-05-17 14:39:23   Reply
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dont run online :S

-- Posted by maxgreat on 2016-05-17 14:40:11   Reply
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Then you need to take a snapshot of your monitor with some kind of identification visible.

-- Posted by LarcenTyler on 2016-05-17 22:57:39   Reply
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Yes, as much as I welcome competition on Pinball Arcade, I'd feel a lot more comfortable being able to see these scores on the Farsight leaderboards.

-- Posted by TheTrickster on 2016-05-18 06:16:04   Reply
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just hooked up with twitch just got a 3 bill score... hehe 


try too get some higher scores today twitchin!

-- Posted by maxgreat on 2016-05-23 04:34:21   Reply
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5  billion could got a lot more played bad at end :/

-- Posted by maxgreat on 2016-05-23 08:51:30   Reply
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wow you play without nudging the table ?

I'm always nudging it to the tilt limit to avoid the ball drain left or right, but it can be more or less difficult depending on the table. On Dracula table, it's an obligation to use the nudge all the time, because the ball tend to always go in the middle of the flippers :p

On No Fear, the ball goes crazy as soon as you miss a ramp, I don't really like this one

-- Posted by Mantalow on 2016-05-23 11:06:51   Reply
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hehehe yeah i gotta nudge more....

-- Posted by maxgreat on 2016-05-23 11:09:30   Reply