Circus Atari: Game 6 (Atari 2600 Emulated Novice/B Mode)

Score: 2,108
World Ranking: 2
Scored By: TheTrickster (TRK)
96% Legit
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Circus Atari: Game 6 2,108 points
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This variant is similar to Breakout Circus, except that you have to pop all three rows of balloons for them to restore and to gain an extra clown (life). There are also moving walls deflecting clowns.

-- Posted by TheTrickster on 2016-06-17 07:26:15   Reply
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Great, a troll that doesn't trust me due to my past actions, reputation, or legit rating. *sigh*

-- Posted by TheTrickster on 2016-06-17 07:55:44   Reply