Gyruss (Arcade Emulated / M.A.M.E.)

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Gyruss 127,650 points
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You can find the INP for this on my TG submission here:

-- Posted by bensweeneyonbass on 2016-07-15 11:28:17   Reply
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Quick question about inps, what causes them to sometimes be out of sync when you play them back and what's the solution?

-- Posted by derek on 2016-07-16 17:01:12   Reply
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That's a broad question - it's very specific to the rom set and version of MAME when issues arise. Some rom sets are known to not play back INPs properly on some or all versions. 


Sometimes it's as simple of a goof as trying to play back an INP using one version but the INP was recorded using another version.

-- Posted by bensweeneyonbass on 2016-07-27 05:44:15   Reply
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Thanks for responding, I was referring to when you record an inp and then watch it right after, same rom same MAME. This had come up on our team for IGBY with a couple guys doing inps but no one knew exactly why. I think we figured it out though, it has something to do with nvram not being disabled. Don't know for sure as I still don't make inpswink


-- Posted by derek on 2016-07-27 18:19:11   Reply