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Scored By: TheGalagaKing (SMK)
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Track and Field 560,390 points
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Another favorite of mine and also available at my friends bar (Bar-ART). I believe I finished 7 or 8 rounds. I had originally wanted to play it as a 1-round game, but the game was set to continue after the first round and I saw what the leaderboard looked like and just had to have my name at the top of the list. :) My PB in the arcade back in the 80's was around 4M. I had the stamina then.

-- Posted by TheGalagaKing on 2017-02-08 23:28:44   Reply
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Can you provide more pictures?

-- Posted by DakotaKid on 2017-02-14 23:17:41   Reply
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Hi DakotaKid,


This game is actually in a friend's bar called BART (Bar-Art). I can get over there probably tomorrow and have my friend take another pic of the high score table with me in the photo this time. I don't have a video of it unfortunately. Not to say I can't beat the score, I would just have to find the time to get over there and play another 1 hour plus game.I'd like to bump it up to 1,000,000 in the coming weeks.

-- Posted by TheGalagaKing on 2017-02-18 22:00:54   Reply
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... that's not bubufubu, is it?

-- Posted by S.BAZ on 2017-02-23 01:48:43   Reply
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Is bubufubu from Orlando? I played my game in a local bar in Orlando, Florida area. That would be something if it was. :)

-- Posted by TheGalagaKing on 2017-02-24 21:50:15   Reply