Vigilante [vigilant] (Arcade Emulated / M.A.M.E.)

Score: 90,960
World Ranking: 2
Scored By: AmoKronos (MRR)
80% Legit
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Vigilante [vigilant] 90,960 points
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yesvote here!

-- Posted by jmaio on 2017-05-13 13:50:38   Reply
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This is point leeching! It's disallowed!

-- Posted by LarcenTyler on 2017-05-13 18:30:17   Reply
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The game runs on a timer so that changes it from leeching to pressing.

Pressing is acceptable 

-- Posted by derek on 2017-05-22 21:07:57   Reply
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Yeah fine by me, works just like Double Dragon or Donkey Kong.  Pressing totally acceptable in my opinion.



-- Posted by S.BAZ on 2017-05-28 01:07:11   Reply