Super Pac-Man (Arcade)

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Super Pac-Man 109,180 points
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Probably need to right click on photo, then click on View to see the pic better, as I wanted to get as much as the game bezel and marquee in (yes, it’s obviously Super Pac-Man due to him wearing the cape, plus it was the only Pac-Man at the time that added a button to the controls and where you could enter your initials to the high scores).

Ha, forgot a pattern and only got about half the score I usually do (my score on the Retro Arcade Featuring Pac-Man plug and play system is nearly twice this if I remember correctly, and I can get 250,000 on a really good game).  Remembered what the deal was later (of course!).

Played at the H. A. A. G. expo yesterday.

-- Posted by DarrylB on 2017-10-22 10:32:22   Reply