BurgerTime (Arcade Emulated / M.A.M.E.)

Score: 1,295,550
World Ranking: 1
Scored By: MikeDietrich (DIE)
88% Legit
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BurgerTime 1,295,550 points
BurgerTime 1,295,550 points
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1M rollover at 44:55
-- Posted by MikeDietrich on 2018-02-06 21:19:55   Reply
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yes Nice score

-- Posted by OriginalGamer on 2018-02-06 23:15:13   Reply
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yes very cool!

-- Posted by ILLSeaBass on 2018-02-06 23:43:18   Reply
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Great score! Voting yes.

-- Posted by Gustlik on 2018-02-07 03:41:17   Reply
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@MikeDietrich: Try also Beef Drop - 7800 version of Burgertime - and pay a tribute to the programmer Ken Siders, who passed away in 2017. URL to learn more about Ken Siders: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/269359-ken-siders-has-passed-away
-- Posted by oyamafamily on 2018-02-08 05:03:36   Reply
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Incredible score! yes x 2.

-- Posted by TheGalagaKing on 2018-02-17 23:50:46   Reply
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thanks, been trying to up my Galaga score too

-- Posted by MikeDietrich on 2018-02-21 19:07:59   Reply
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My YouTube channel is loaded with Galaga related videos. Take a look (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oywMKnv796I&list=PLuM-7-yPvBf_B_SQCrZhFMsyRF1fnhAs5).

I'm sure they'll help in some way. :)

-- Posted by TheGalagaKing on 2018-03-03 23:16:29   Reply