Coleco Donkey Kong (Dedicated Handheld)

Score: 23,400
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Scored By: arenafoot (BPM)
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Coleco Donkey Kong 23,400 points
Coleco Donkey Kong 23,400 points
Coleco Donkey Kong 23,400 points
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Whoa thats a nice tabletop arcade laugh

Seen it on ebay a few times in the past, quite valueable right ? 

We need a Game & watch category on this site enlightened

-- Posted by ClausLarsen on 2014-04-19 12:16:41   Reply
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That's really neat!  I used to have one of these.  Great Score!

-- Posted by DakotaKid on 2014-04-19 12:50:19   Reply
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thanks......I got mine at Christmas in the early 80's but it didn't work so I returned it and got another one (which is this one) and it still has the original pricetag on the box from Gaylord's $59.99. The ones I see on eBay are about double that and more with the box and owners manual too!

Serious is starting to add handhelds to this site, so Game & Watch will be added! I've requested the handhelds I own already, this one, Tomytronic Pac Man, & Entex Pac-Man 2. Even requested this title in emulator form too!

-- Posted by arenafoot on 2014-04-19 15:18:44   Reply
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These tabletop games can be EMULATED??

-- Posted by Gray on 2014-04-20 09:18:09   Reply
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YES! This one (none of the other Coleco tabletops have been done YET) has been emulated. Along with most of Game & Watch handhelds, Tomytronic Pac Man, and several of the old school Mattel Electronics (LED) handheld games too!

-- Posted by arenafoot on 2014-04-20 09:44:58   Reply