Superman (Arcade)

Score: 148,000
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Scored By: D3fk0nZ3r0 (MWW)
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Superman 148,000 points
Superman 148,000 points
Superman 148,000 points
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Love that game.. YES vote here!

-- Posted by Zeppie1138 on 2018-04-25 10:57:43   Reply
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@Zeppie1138: Thx I added a pic if my machine. I painted the side art. On the player two side I have the 2nd player and an unage they put in the game from Superman vs. Muhammad Ali. If I shift things around, I'll post a pic of that side. I like to play as the second player on most games. More centered.
-- Posted by D3fk0nZ3r0 on 2018-04-25 11:03:12   Reply