Megamania (Atari 2600 Expert/A)

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My favorite Atari 2600 game growing up.

-- Posted by MainelyGaming on 2018-05-10 21:13:05   Reply
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@MainelyGaming: Well done ... Nice video Yes Here
-- Posted by omargeddon on 2018-05-10 21:30:50   Reply
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Thank you. Congratulations on being one of the months top users. Keep up the good work.

-- Posted by MainelyGaming on 2018-05-10 22:03:06   Reply
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I met a guy who was going on about his childhood favorite game, but he couldn't remember the name.  Eventually I recognized he meant Megamania! 

He was happy to know the name.  :)

-- Posted by S.BAZ on 2018-05-11 14:22:55   Reply
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It's such a great game. smiley

-- Posted by MainelyGaming on 2018-05-11 23:13:34   Reply
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It seems this game is rather rare in my country. At least I never came across it so far! It looks really good! ... I also like your video! yes

-- Posted by RetroRob on 2018-05-20 02:08:51   Reply
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Thank you RetroRob. That is a shame, I have extra copies of the game, I buy them everytime I see a copy. If you ever thought you wanted a copy let me know I could give you my email and I could send you one. The labels are not perfect but the games run great. It is such a great game.

-- Posted by MainelyGaming on 2018-05-20 08:49:23   Reply
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Many thanks for the offer! However we have PAL here in Germany and I think you got NTSC. ... If I'm lucky I can get the game in PAL from the UK. I will put it on my 'games to get' list! wink

-- Posted by RetroRob on 2018-05-20 11:30:52   Reply