Mario Bros (Arcade Emulated / M.A.M.E.)

Score: 5,474,030
World Ranking: 1
Scored By: LoboFurioso (MTL)
96% Legit
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Mario Bros 5,474,030 points
Mario Bros 5,474,030 points
Mario Bros 5,474,030 points
Mario Bros 5,474,030 points
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Scores roll back to zero points at 1:15:09 to 5:58:47.

-- Posted by LoboFurioso on 2018-09-10 09:26:01   Reply
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YES vote here laugh

-- Posted by JES on 2018-09-10 10:29:41   Reply
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-- Posted by Mark on 2018-09-10 22:08:29   Reply
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Masterclass!! I played this game for a few weeks over the summer and couldnt break 140k so an enormous amount of skill on display here. I wish i had time to watch the entire 6 hours.I would appreciate any tips if you could PM me on this game. Once again Excellent performance

-- Posted by Ivanstorm1973 on 2018-09-13 15:51:14   Reply
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wow, great gaming!!

my best is about 260k I think.

-- Posted by S.BAZ on 2018-09-15 11:47:53   Reply
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Congratulations, good score My vote is yes
-- Posted by Evandro on 2018-09-18 16:36:03   Reply
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Whoa thank you all. I appreciate all the comments.


-- Posted by LoboFurioso on 2018-09-18 17:28:52   Reply
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Well what will I play next? Donkey Kong, Pac Man or Robotron?

-- Posted by LoboFurioso on 2018-09-18 17:56:17   Reply
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I will post the strategy/tips on my website. And i will send you the link.

-- Posted by LoboFurioso on 2018-09-19 15:38:11   Reply
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-- Posted by Ivanstorm1973 on 2018-09-20 14:23:02   Reply
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What Mario Bros Rom do you have? Mario Bros US Rom or Japan Rom?

-- Posted by LoboFurioso on 2018-09-24 17:45:56   Reply