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Scored By: VeverkaLukas
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Yes from me
-- Posted by Bamse on 2019-01-01 12:55:08   Reply
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I vote YES! :)

-- Posted by Mark on 2019-01-01 23:40:52   Reply
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Guys, thanks, i believe that we can go under 2:20.00 limit. Me or Lance Groves (KING) will do it. 

-- Posted by VeverkaLukas on 2019-01-02 02:19:06   Reply
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good score congratulations
-- Posted by Boegas on 2019-01-02 03:58:39   Reply
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Yessssssssss ale mohlo to být lepší woe :D

-- Posted by Hrabos04 on 2019-01-02 07:49:38   Reply
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That's fast!
-- Posted by zerooskul on 2019-01-03 04:44:20   Reply
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-- Posted by bogishawa on 2019-01-16 19:29:21   Reply