1943 (NES/Famicom)

Score: 3,297,400
World Ranking: 1
Scored By: bubufubu (BUB)
88% Legit
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Score of 3,247,400 is displayed at the 1:20:03 mark.

The very next screen displays a bonus of 50,000 at the 1:20:06 mark.

3,247,400 + 50,000 = 3,297,400

Upon completing the game, the final score is never displayed.  The user is forced to add 50,000 on their own.

No turbo was used.  This was done on my NES console and captured directly from my tv via a dazzle, my laptop, and xsplit.  A standard NES controller was used.  I realize that this score is hard to believe because of the game's notoriety for difficulty.  Many people still, mistakenly, believe that you need turbo to beat it, but you don't.  I spent a lot of time practicing and then researching my runs.  A lot of time.  I have a lot of knowledge about this game as a result of that.  This is the best evidence I can offer.  Cheers.

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Yes from me

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YES on ALL! :)

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Yes here.

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