Asteroids (Atari 2600 Novice/B)

Score: 153,050
World Ranking: 8
Scored By: mikvaporup (MVL)
92% Legit
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Asteroids 153,050 points
Asteroids 153,050 points
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Video is uploading. But my flashcard was full at 146.700.
I hope the photo is evidence enough.

-- Posted by mikvaporup on 2019-10-24 14:22:08   Reply
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I'm voting yes.

-- Posted by doguhnew on 2019-10-24 16:26:18   Reply
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Score rollover at 23:40. Yes vote!
-- Posted by DIM on 2019-10-24 16:49:38   Reply
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Since the video shows the rollover it's okay! Yes vote!
-- Posted by RetroRob on 2019-10-25 07:55:04   Reply
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Thank you, guys.
-- Posted by mikvaporup on 2019-10-25 11:57:27   Reply