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I was once here on this site, thinking all to be mature people who had a thing for competitive challanges in videogames.  Then I found out what kind of ugly individuals every single person truly is, namely assholes like SIXX and some others who sniff his asshole contentenly and defend him whenever he harasses anyone on this skidmark of a site.

Then we got the asshole in charge "serious," who despite his age acts just like a passive aggressive asshat as with his buddy SIXX here.  It was really something when I tried my best on asking him to do something about these unruly individuals, but the only thing he told me was that he really has "no power" to regulate bullying on his own stupid site.  What a tool.

But then he changed his tune when I took matters into my own hands and decided to give back SIXX all the shit he smothered me with during my time here.  Oh, how you all bitched and whined about that one, remember that?  You just can't do wrong here.  Of course after all those tantrums and your diaper soiling "serius" goes on banning me from this place, which I was OK with it, being that for a while I already saw that this was not a place for serious gamers more than it is for manchildren who shun anyone from their little circlejerk club.  You are also as bad on the likes of twitter but to be honest, thats not even surprising being the platform.

All in all I am surprised this stain of a cesspool that passes for a site still exists, and that you all here still pretend to be gamers much less grown ass men who would respect others.
You can all kindly go fuck yourselves :)

-- Posted by notseriousenough on 2019-12-12 15:16:53   Reply
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Go to the nearest mirror and tell the person who you see reflected, "I love you."

The reflection will mouth it back and the reverberation will say it back.

Go tell you that you love you.

Take that love and share it with others.

You are acting out on a years old grudge against a person who isn't even around anymore.


-- Posted by zerooskul on 2019-12-15 01:02:04   Reply
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Hi there JES laugh

-- Posted by ButtonsBusoms on 2020-01-04 11:11:05   Reply