Score: 579,300
World Ranking: Removed
Scored By: Akito01 (GRF)
96% Legit
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Street Fighter 2 Turbo: Hyper Fighting: Normal 579,300 points
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I just realized that an important stipulation for this submission entry is 'No Continues'.

Turns out that if you choose to continue, the game not only picks up from your current opponent, it also retains your score. Probably any future submissions with a really serious score entry should probably be supported by video evidence for this reason.

-- Posted by Akito01 on 2014-05-23 14:59:23   Reply
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Um, these photos WERE taken with a camera. What about these images would lead a person to think otherwise? They certainly aren't screen captures; you know, because of the clearly visible SNES, cartridge, box, controller and television. 

-- Posted by Akito01 on 2014-06-11 19:53:46   Reply
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About the continue/score thing: Don't worry! If one use continues, you can see it at the last two digits in the score. For example, your score has '00' at the end what proofs, that you didn't use any continues. 

-- Posted by SHiNjide on 2014-08-23 02:28:01   Reply
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Ah, awesome, that's good to know! 

-- Posted by Akito01 on 2014-08-23 08:39:56   Reply