Cheetahmen II (NES/Famicom Emulated)

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Cheetahmen II 51,700 points
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High score run starts at 14:28, High Score itself can be seen at 38:03.  Thanks for stopping by!

-- Posted by DeadZergling on 2020-03-27 04:59:46   Reply
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1st Yes...even though its not really a game

-- Posted by AwesomeOgre on 2020-03-27 05:26:31   Reply
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Yes! yes

-- Posted by plus4punk on 2020-03-27 07:31:18   Reply
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This is the worst game I've seen in a long time! Thanks for sharing it! yes I really mean it! We should have a forum topic or poll like: worst video game I've played and then all vote to see which one 'won'! wink

Yes vote of course!

-- Posted by RetroRob on 2020-03-27 11:00:28   Reply
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Never played it but it is famously bad lol.

Yes vote from me too yes

-- Posted by Bamse on 2020-03-27 15:15:00   Reply
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Thank you for the votes, yeah the game is quite bad. It has to be a really, really bad game to make Bart Vs the world seem like a decent game, and this one manages that 'honor'.
-- Posted by DeadZergling on 2020-03-27 15:42:48   Reply