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Scored By: LuigiRuffolo (LRU)
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Just for fun. Score stopped after the first loop.

-- Posted by LuigiRuffolo on 2020-07-30 10:00:35   Reply
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-- Posted by BabofetH on 2020-08-01 00:58:47   Reply
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-- Posted by 80sChips on 2020-08-26 03:24:19   Reply
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im gonna have to find this and play it. i cant remember the last time ive chuckled so much during an adjudication. awesome stuff luigi!  If you enjoyed this, there's a game called corporate lifestyle simulator on steam that you might get a kick out of.

-- Posted by speedy4759123 on 2020-08-27 11:26:01   Reply
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Ok, thanks!

-- Posted by LuigiRuffolo on 2020-08-28 00:37:21   Reply
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yes from me! Please vote on my score when you can.



-- Posted by HateE9 on 2020-10-29 03:34:46   Reply
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@HateE9: Yes, of course! Thanks.
-- Posted by LuigiRuffolo on 2020-10-29 04:37:22   Reply