APB: All Points Bulletin [apb] (Arcade Emulated / M.A.M.E.)

Score: 80,996
World Ranking: 1
Scored By: DBCooper (DIK)
92% Legit
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APB: All Points Bulletin [apb]
APB: All Points Bulletin [apb]
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Click here to see this score at MARP to verify correct rom was used.



-- Posted by DBCooper on 2015-08-13 19:36:01   Reply
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Guess I remember why I quit submitting scores here.  A no vote because they couldn't tell it was me?  The link above doesn't work so good but you couldn't put a little effort into it?  Let's see if this one works better  http://replay.marpirc.net/r/apb


-- Posted by DBCooper on 2015-08-13 20:23:18   Reply
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Glad someone gave me a reason to play again but I'm not sure what to do. You started on day 16 all the tickets are worth a crap load more. So...

1. When I play can I assume now that I can pick whatever day I want or...

2. Should you have started from the beginning, Day 1.

I'll skip and let others decide. Either way I'll play again so not a big deal for me but I believe a game should be played from the beginning unless otherwise stated.

-- Posted by OriginalGamer on 2015-08-13 21:25:32   Reply
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A lot of these Atari games allowed you to pick which level to start on.  Tempest, Black Widow, S.T.U.N Runner and Road Blasters come to mind but there are a bunch more.  IMO with these games you should be able to start on whatever level you want to get the bonus.

-- Posted by DBCooper on 2015-08-13 22:02:32   Reply
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I'll attache another screen shot to help with picking the day to start on.  This is an awesome game so would love to see someone else kill it.

-- Posted by DBCooper on 2015-08-13 22:03:50   Reply
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oh what the hell, I already voted yes if not I wouldn't have a reason to play.yes

-- Posted by OriginalGamer on 2015-08-15 00:43:17   Reply
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just a heads up -- your initials in your profile are DIK and in this video the initials entered are DRT.

maybe that explains the "can't tell if it was you" no-vote.

people here only have what you submit to go by, so all in all I'd say this is actually getting a pretty decent acceptance-rate!

-- Posted by S.BAZ on 2015-08-19 20:05:18   Reply
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@ HS users:

if it makes a difference in your decision, DBCooper is the champion of APB at RetroUprising (with a similar score):


-- Posted by S.BAZ on 2015-08-19 20:07:09   Reply
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Ya, my bad.  This is a game that uses a steering wheel for controls and I was playing with buttons on my xarcade and couldn't get the initials screen to work properly.  My other mistake was thinking people would see my name, Dick Moreland, over at MARP and know that's me.  Thanks for the link to RU.

-- Posted by DBCooper on 2015-08-19 21:10:05   Reply
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you're welcome!

-- Posted by S.BAZ on 2015-08-23 04:03:38   Reply
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-- Posted by LarcenTyler on 2017-07-02 15:39:40   Reply