Hippodrome (Arcade Emulated / M.A.M.E.)

Score: 180,470
World Ranking: 3
Scored By: baldbull (SFC)
96% Legit
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Kind of an anticlimactic end, just OOOAAAAHH and a crouch :)

-- Posted by Dumple on 2018-04-22 10:50:14   Reply
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Wrong tactics from my side. The complete life increase needed.   Try this. Maybe next 1cc in your collection ;-) 

-- Posted by baldbull on 2018-04-22 11:58:10   Reply
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Victory will be short lived cheeky

-- Posted by JES on 2018-04-25 15:16:20   Reply
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miss your stupid comments here yes

-- Posted by baldbull on 2018-04-25 16:02:49   Reply
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HAHA!!! What happened to Mirax? Are you losing your touch?


-- Posted by JES on 2018-04-25 20:26:16   Reply